About Us

Brag PC was started in March of 2010 with one simple focus: To build high quality, high performance computers that offered users the very best in cutting edge technology.

At Brag we’re looking to change things and do things the way we think benefits the customers. This means constructing PC’s made to cater to you’re needs and wants. It means being able to get in touch with our support staff so they can sit with you and guide you through the (often) confusing task of assembling you’re dream PC.

Multi – National computer manufactures have ruined the PC users experience by shipping PC’s as a ‘one size fits all’. In addition they load up PC’s with tons of ‘valuable’ software that does nothing but bloat and slowdown PC’s. They do this because they receive money to do so.

Backed by Prime ABGB Pvt. Ltd. who have 18 years of experience in the Indian Computer Industry we are quietly confident that we can help making your next PC purchase a breeze.

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